ZOWIE G-SR | Large Gaming Mousepad


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The ZOWIE G-SR Gaming Mouse Pad, designed for esports, features a cloth surface that ensures a consistent and controlled glide. With stitched edges and a uniform high-density rubber base, it offers stability on any surface. The large size (L) measures 470 x 390 mm (18.5 x 15.3 inches).

ZOWIE G-SR | Large Gaming Mousepad


Our Take

The Zowie G-SR and P-SR are mousepads that are adored by many, especially Esports FPS Pros and Veterans, thanks to its solid build quality, consistent surface, and its control oriented surface. Our take is that this is great for those that like grippier surfaces, which on average is very beneficial for tact FPS shooters where first shot accuracy important, like CS2 and Valorant.

  • Consistent Glide: The cloth surface provides a smooth and even texture for consistent mouse movement.
  • Controlled Movement: Designed for esports, it offers precise control over your mouse movements.
  • Durable Edges: Stitched edges enhance durability and prevent fraying.
  • Stable Base: The uniform high-density rubber base ensures stability on any surface.
  • Large Size: This mouse pad (L) measures 470 x 390 mm (18.5 x 15.3 inches).
Size 470 x 390 mm ± 10 mm/ 18.5 x 15.3 inches ± 0.4 inch
Thickness 3.5 mm

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