From the Creators of AFTERSHOCKPC, Gaming PC masters for more than 10 years, we welcome you to TECHYARD, your one-stop destination for the highest quality computer parts and tech accessories in Singapore!

With the launch of our the TECHYARD, we aim to cater to the growing demands of DIY enthusiasts, tech hobbyists, and professionals seeking to upgrade their systems or build their own, by bringing our more than a decade of experience into the world of Tech Commerce!

Whether you're a gamer wanting to push the limits of your rig, a creator seeking smoother workflows, or a tech enthusiast aiming for a tailored setup, we've got you covered.

Our product range includes everything from processors, graphic cards, and motherboards, to cooling systems, RAM, and storage solutions. Each product is carefully selected and backed by the promise of performance, quality, and value.

At TECHYARD, we believe in providing more than just components. We offer a comprehensive shopping experience that includes expert advice, detailed product information, and unbeatable customer support.

Join us and be a part of a growing community of enthusiasts and professionals, as we continue to redefine the boundaries of performance and innovation in the tech world.

Welcome to the next chapter of your tech journey. Welcome to TECHYARD!

Founded as a sub company of AFTERSHOCKPC, we have more than 10 years and thousands of customer service experience to learn from.

We are committed to providing a quality customer experience, with transparent operations and competitive pricing.

At TECHYARD, we want to make shopping for Tech, exciting, accessible and enriching for everyone. From enthusiasts to beginners, all are welcome

Tech is a joy - So shopping for it should be.


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Founded by AFTERSHOCKPC - TECHYARD was designed to revolutionize Technology Commerce in Singapore. With more than 10 years of experience serving and caring for Tech Customers in the Gaming PC world, TECHYARD hopes to carry the lessons learnt into the broader market of technology lovers!

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