Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG | Flight Controller

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Dive into the world of military aviation with the Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG™. Experience unparalleled precision and control with its replica joystick and dual throttle system. Crafted in collaboration with simming experts, it's the ultimate choice for enthusiasts seeking realism and performance.

Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG | Flight Controller

SKU: 2960720
  • Military-Grade Precision: Experience unrivaled accuracy with a replica joystick and dual throttle system inspired by the U.S. Air Force A-10C attack aircraft.
  • Imposing Build: Weighing over 14 lbs with metal construction, it boasts 55 fully programmable action buttons and 2 four-direction hat switches for ultimate control.
  • Extreme Sensitivity: Enjoy 16-bit precision and pressure-sensitive buttons, replicating real airplane controls for an immersive experience.
  • Customizable Throttle: Independently control 2 motors with a detachable throttle handle and precise afterburner detents for realistic flight simulation.
  • Intuitive Control Panel: With 5 programmable LEDs and a friction wheel for resistance adjustment, it offers complete customization and ease of use.
  • Complete Flying Ecosystem: Pair with TFRP rudder pedals and MFD cockpit panels for a seamless flight simulation experience.
  • T.A.R.G.E.T Software: Utilize Thrustmaster's advanced programming suite for simplified configurations and game presets, enhancing gameplay with ease.
Attribute Value
Width 32.0 cm
Height 44.0 cm
Depth 26.0 cm
Weight 6440 g
  • 1 Replica JOYSTICK
  • Dual Replica THROTTLES
  • 1 Replica CONTROL PANEL

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