Edifier MP260 | Multifunctional Integrated 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker


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Elevate your audio experience with the MP260, a multifunctional 2.1 channel Bluetooth speaker. Boasting versatile features like clock and alarm functions, multiple connectivity options, and a powerful 20W output, it delivers immersive sound in a sleek wooden design. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology for extended range, intelligent brightness adjustment, and easy USB connection to your computer, the MP260 offers unparalleled convenience and performance.

Edifier MP260 | Multifunctional Integrated 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker

  • Versatile Functionality: Clock, alarm, and multiple input options including AUX, USB, and micro SD.
  • Powerful Sound: 8W tweeters combined with a 12W subwoofer for robust audio performance.
  • Extended Bluetooth Range: Bluetooth 5.0 technology enables transmission up to 30 meters.
  • Intelligent Brightness Adjustment: LED screen automatically adjusts brightness for comfortable viewing.
  • Built-in Music Alarm Clock: Wake up to your favorite tunes with the integrated music alarm clock.
  • Simple USB Connection: Connect to your computer with a single USB cable for easy music playback and charging.
  • Punchy Bass: Classic 2.1 acoustic structure delivers deep bass despite its compact size.
  • Efficient Driver: Integrated IC and digital power amplifier for efficient management and detailed sound.
Total Output Power (RMS) R/L(Tweeter): 4W + 4W; R/L(Mid-bass): 12W
Driver Units L/R: 1.75 inch
SW: 2.75 inch
Frequency Response 53Hz - 18kHz
Signal-to-Noise Rate ≥ 80dB (A)
Audio Inputs AUX, Bluetooth, USB
Input Sensitivity AUX: L/R: 450±50mV; SW: 350±30mV
Bluetooth: L/R: 450±50mFFS; SW: 350±30mFFS
USB Sound Card: L/R: 450±50mFFS; SW:350±30mFFS
Dimensions (W x H x D) 192.5mm × 113mm × 115mm
Net Weight 1.5kg

1 Year Warranty

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