TM RACING CLAMP | Sim Racing Desk Mounting Kit

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Dive into the world of high-speed racing with the TM Racing Clamp by Thrustmaster. This sturdy, versatile accessory enhances your gaming setup without needing a cockpit, offering adjustable configurations for optimal performance. Immerse yourself in realistic simulations and elevate your racing experience to the next level!

TM RACING CLAMP | Sim Racing Desk Mounting Kit

SKU: 4060094
  • Sturdy Metal Structure: The TM Racing Clamp boasts a 100% metal build, ensuring durability and stability during intense gaming sessions.
  • Adjustable Configurations: Easily configure your setup with various options, adapting to different desk or table thicknesses for maximum comfort.
  • Optimal Compatibility: Compatible with Thrustmaster add-ons like the TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod (+) and the TH8A Add-On Shifter, providing seamless integration into your gaming rig.
  • Versatile Positioning: Adjust the height, depth, and inclination of your accessories for personalized gameplay, catering to both left-hand and right-hand drive configurations.
  • E-Sports Ready: Officially licensed for e-Sports, the TM Racing Clamp ensures a realistic and immersive racing experience for competitive gaming.
Attribute Value
Length (cm) 44.7
Width (cm) 14.1
Height (cm) 25.5
Weight (g) 824

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