Thrustmaster TCA YOKE PACK BOEING EDITION | Flight Controller

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Dive into the immersive world of aviation with the TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition! Experience the thrill of flying like a real Boeing pilot, thanks to Thrustmaster’s innovative PENDUL_R mechanism. Compatible with Xbox and PC, this officially licensed yoke system offers unparalleled precision and control for an authentic flight experience.

Thrustmaster TCA YOKE PACK BOEING EDITION | Flight Controller

SKU: 4460210
  • Suspended PENDUL_R Mechanism: Experience realistic flight sensations with Thrustmaster's innovative suspended PENDUL_R mechanism, replicating the feel of a floor-mounted pendular yoke.
  • Two Additional Axes: Enjoy enhanced maneuverability with two additional axes on the base, allowing for standalone maneuvers like direct takeoff without a throttle quadrant.
  • 100% Metal Frame: Built for durability, the yoke's internal structure is constructed entirely of metal, providing stability and balanced weight distribution.
  • Adjustable Springs: Customize your flying experience by adjusting the number of internal springs, offering personalized resistance for exceptional control.
  • Swappable Levers: Tailor your setup with swappable throttle quadrant levers, enabling an ambidextrous flight experience for optimal comfort.
  • Boeing Autopilot: Take command with the iconic Boeing autopilot feature, offering realistic control over altitude, airspeed, and heading.
  • Magnetic Technology: Benefit from surgical precision with H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology, providing 16-bit resolution on each flight controller's main axes.
  • Officially Licensed: Produced under license from Boeing and compatible with Xbox and PC platforms for an authentic aviation experience.
Product Width Depth Height Weight
TCA Yoke Boeing Edition 11.8 inches / 300 mm 15.4 inches / 390 mm 15.0 inches / 380 mm 14.8 lb / 6,700 g
TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition 5.1 inches / 130 mm 7.7 inches / 195 mm 5.9 inches / 150 mm 1.3 lb / 600 g
Package Contents
Item Quantity
TCA Yoke Boeing Edition 1
TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition 1
TM Flying Desk Mount 1
Yoke: USB cable (type C to type A), support stand for tablet or smartphone, Allen key 1 each
Throttle quadrant: Interchangeable levers, crossbar, attachment pieces 4 levers, 1 crossbar, 2 attachment pieces
Connection poster, spring installation flyer, warranty information flyers 1 each

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