Pulsar Superglide 2 | Glass Mouse Feet for Various Mice


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Elevate your gaming with Superglide 2 for various Gaming Mice. Experience super-fast, super-smooth precision on our glass mouse skates. Get the edge in micro aiming and tracking. It's like floating, and it's built to last.

Pulsar Superglide 2 | Glass Mouse Feet for Various Mice

Style: for Logitech GPro Superlight 2
Color: RED
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Our Take

Glass mice feet provide a unique feel. Their hardness means extra longevity, more consistent tracking, and most importantly, significantly lower friction. The Pulsar Superglide 2 is for those that want smoothness and speed, as well as increased longevity, since glass hardly wears down at all. Just don't use this on a glass pad or metal pad.

  • Revolutionary Speed: New Controllable Speed Surface for rapid, smooth glide and exceptional stopping power.
  • Durability Beyond PTFE: Super-strong tempered glass won't wear out like conventional PTFE feet, nearly permanent use.
  • Smooth Edge: Flawlessly polished, super-smooth round edges for the smoothest glide ever.
  • eSports-Grade Precision: Perfect for pro eSports accuracy.
  • Not for Glass Mouse Pads: Do not recommend for use with glass mouse pads.
Specifications Details
Material Super-strong aluminosilicate glass
Speed Surface Revolutionary micro-surfaced texture
Durability Almost permanent use, won't wear fast
Edge Smooth round edge
Precision eSports-grade accuracy
Compatibility Not recommended for glass mouse pads