PNY RTX 4060Ti | XLR8 Gaming OC Dual 8GB GPU


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For exciting gaming and immersive graphics, look no further than this-the PNY RTX 4060Ti XLR8. Powered by the powerful RTX 4060Ti Nvidia GeForce GPU and cooled by the unique XLR8 Cooler design that promises cool and quiet operation, get ready for gaming heaven.

PNY RTX 4060Ti | XLR8 Gaming OC Dual 8GB GPU

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The NVIDIA RTX4060ti GPU is perfect for midrange gaming at 1080P and 1440P. It's super efficient, keeps cool, and packs NVIDIA's AI tech like DLSS 3 for more FPS without sacrificing quality. 
Expect top-notch 1080P gaming even with ray tracing and smooth 1440P gaming at High to Max Settings for Triple A titles with rasterization, and higher FPS performance with DLSS Enabled

The XLR8 Duals is PNY's midrange cooler design, aimed at giving users a fundamentally solid experience all round. The XLR8 features 2 cooling fans and a sleek design.

-Good Thermals for easier cooling smaller PC Cases
-DLSS 3.0 and other NVIDIA RTX Powered AI Technologies
-1080p gaming at Ultra Settings
-1440p gaming at high settings for most titles

  • Exceptional Performance: NVIDIA's Ada Lovelace architecture powers up to 2x performance and efficiency.
  • DLSS 3 Magic: Enjoy up to 4x performance gains with DLSS 3 compared to brute-force rendering.
  • Ray Tracing Marvel: Delivers up to 2x faster ray tracing performance with 3rd Gen RT Cores.
  • NVIDIA Studio Ready: Accelerate your creative workflow with AI-powered enhancements.
  • PCI Express Gen 4: Harness the speed of PCIe Gen 4 for enhanced data transfer.
  • Immersive Visuals: Supports up to 8K at 60Hz with DSC, HDR for breathtaking visuals.
  • Multi-Screen Prowess: Drive up to four monitors for multitasking and gaming.
  • Compact Design: Dual-slot card with a sleek form factor for various PC builds.
  • Powerful CUDA Cores: Features 4352 CUDA cores for smooth gaming and rendering.
  • Efficient Cooling: Dual fans keep temperatures in check during intense sessions.

CUDA Cores


Clock Speed

2310 MHz

Boost Speed

2550 MHz

Memory Speed (Gbps)


Memory Size


Memory Interface


Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)



160 W


Not Supported


DisplayPort 1.4a (x3), HDMI 2.1




7680 x 4320 @120Hz (Digital)3

Power Input

One 8-pin

Bus Type

PCI-Express 4.0 x16 (x8 active)

Card Dimensions

12.01"" x 4.67"" x 1.57""; Dual Slot

Box Dimensions

14.96"" x 7.56"" x 2.56""

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