Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4060 | Eagle OC 8GB GPU


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Elevate your gaming and creative endeavors with the GeForce RTX™ 4060, powered by NVIDIA's cutting-edge DLSS 3 technology and Ada Lovelace architecture. Enjoy realistic graphics, ultra-fast performance, and AI-enhanced features.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4060 | Eagle OC 8GB GPU

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The NVIDIA RTX4060 GPU is NVIDIA's budget-friendly gaming solution, ideal for Triple A / Esports gaming at 1080P and Esports titles at 1440P. It's power-efficient and boasts AI-powered features like DLSS 3 for enhanced FPS with minimal quality loss.

Gigabyte's EAGLE coolers offer strong performance at a budget-friendly price. They sport a unique brutalist design, improved cooling with passthrough backplate, and efficient copper heatpipes. This model comes with a slight factory overclock for better out-of-the-box performance. If you want the best performance for your budget and don't need extra frills, EAGLE is the way to go

- Good Thermals in smaller cases
- DLSS 3.0 and NVIDIA RTX AI Technologies
- 1080P Gaming in Triple A titles with High/Max settings
- 1440p Gaming at Medium/High settings

  • DLSS 3 Revolution: Unleash max FPS and quality with DLSS 3, powered by fourth-gen Tensor Cores and Optical Flow Accelerator.
  • Ray Tracing Brilliance: Experience hyperrealistic graphics with dedicated Ray Tracing Cores.
  • Low Latency Advantage: NVIDIA Reflex delivers milliseconds of victory, optimizing system latency for competitive gaming.
  • Built for Streaming: Benefit from NVIDIA Encoder for seamless live streaming.
  • AI-Enhanced Multimedia: Enjoy RTX Video Super Resolution and NVIDIA Broadcast for superior voice and video quality.
  • Creative Powerhouse: Elevate your creative projects with NVIDIA Studio, unlocking unmatched 3D rendering and video editing performance.
  • Efficient Cooling: The WINDFORCE cooling system ensures high-efficiency heat dissipation with unique blade fans, alternate spinning, copper heat pipes, 3D active fans, and Screen cooling.
  • Advanced Cooling Design: Reduce turbulence with Alternate Spinning, and benefit from semi-passive cooling with the 3D Active Fan.
  • Dual BIOS and Protection: Dual BIOS offers versatile performance options, while a protection backplate ensures durability.
  • Core Clock: Enjoy a high core clock of 2505 MHz, surpassing the reference card's 2460 MHz.
Model Name GIGABYTE GeForce RTX™ 4060 EAGLE OC 8G
Graphics Processing Unit NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4060
Interface PCI Express® Gen 4
Core Clocks 2505 MHz
CUDA® Cores 3072
Memory Speed 17Gbps
Memory 8GB GDDR6
Memory Bus 128-bit
Outputs DisplayPort x 2 (v1.4) / HDMI™ x 2 (Supports 4K@120Hz as specified in HDMI™ 2.1)
Power Consumption 115W
Power Connectors 8-pin x 1
Manufacturer Reccomended PSU 450W
Card Dimensions (mm) 192 x 120 x 41 mm
DirectX Version Support 12 Ultimate
OpenGL Version Support 4.6
G-SYNC® Technology Y
DIigital Maximum Resoution 7680 x 4320

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