Zowie XL2566K | 24" 1080P 360HZ Gaming Monitor


Sale price SGD $999.00

Featuring DYAC+ Technology that significantly improves motion clarity and reduces motion blur, a super ergonomic stand, and 360HZ of blazing fast, blazing smooth refresh rate, the XL2566K is one of the most popular Gaming Monitors thanks to its brilliant performance. React faster, aim better: Take your skills to the next level today with the Esports Gaming monitor of champions!

Zowie XL2566K | 24" 1080P 360HZ Gaming Monitor


Our Take

Refresh Rate isn't everything, because as many frames as you have, if those frames are clear and causing motion blur, it really doesnt matter. Zowie's DYAC+ Tech does an excellent job fixing this, by strobing the backlight(Not visible at all) to significantly reduce the motion blur you see on screen, for much better motion clarity (Lack of blur) you can feel compared to without it - helping you see more clearly in fast paced games and intense sessions.

Thats not to say its a slow monitor however. With 360HZ, it has a blazing fast refresh rate and super low response times thanks to its choice to use a TN Panel, which destroys IPS on latency and speed, in exchange for Colour accuracy and viewing angles.

Our take is that this is a gaming monitor for those who want what is easily one of the best Esports focused(emphasis FOCUSED) gaming monitors at its price(or any price). Its for the budding pro, the tryhard, or the actual Esports athlete; AKA, those willing to sacrifice all the bells and whistles, comforts and viewing pleasures, for what is essentially one of the fastest, clearest, and high performance gaming experiences you can get.

Basically, if all you care about is winning no matter what, this is easily one of the best.

  • 360Hz Refresh Rate: Get the smoothest gameplay with an ultra-fast 360Hz refresh rate, ensuring you never miss a moment of action.
  • DyAc⁺™ Technology: DyAc⁺™ enhances clarity during fast movements, helping you spot enemies and control recoil with precision.
  • XL Setting to Share™: Easily share your settings with teammates or fans through a simple user interface.
  • Black eQualizer: Improve visibility in dark scenes, gaining an edge in low-light environments.
  • Color Vibrance: Fine-tune color settings for different games to suit your preferences.
  • S Switch & Shielding Hood: Access FPS settings quickly with the 5-way S Switch and enjoy distraction-free gaming with the included hood.
  • Smaller Base for More Playing Space: Maximizes space for in-game movements and adjustments while maintaining stability.
  • Fluid & Flexible Adjustment: Customize monitor height and angle for a comfortable gaming environment.
LCD size (inch): 24.5"
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Max. resolution (PC/Laptop): 1920 x 1080 at 360Hz (DP 1.4)
Max. resolution (Console): 1920 x 1080 at 120Hz for PS5 / Xbox series X (HDMI2.0)
Refresh rate: 360Hz
Panel type: TN
Typ. brightness (cd/㎡): 320
Typ. contrast: 1000:1
Pixel pitch (mm): 0.28
Fast liquid crystal: Yes

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